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2014 Event Registration

Registration for the 2014 MESA Day is now closed.  Please contact for questions.


    Please review the rules for each competition prior to the event.  Competitions are designed in a round robin style.

Colorado MESA and the University reserves the right to:

  • Disqualify any team for breaking the general rules or individual competition rules
  • Remove or disqualify any team or team members for inappropriate behavior during participation at the competition.
  • Individual competition judges for each event will make final decisions on any dispute arising as a result from the competition.
  • Limit the number of teams competing at the competition should the need arise due to time and space constraints.

    • All participants and MESA advisors are charged with maintaining and following the rules listed herein.
    • All advisors and team members must abide by the competition rules and the rules for each individual event.
    • Adult supervision must be provided for each team by an advisor/sponsor/coach that will be present and responsible for the team members. Advisors may supervise more than one team.
    • Advisors must ensure that team and student conduct be of the highest standard; representative of both the team's school and MESA program.

2014 MESA Day Design Challenge   

Friday, April 18, 2014
8 AM - 3 PM
PE Event Center, Auraria Campus, Denver, CO 


The Middle & High School MESA Day Design Challenge is a hands on engineering competition, completed on April 18, 2014, at the PE Event Center on the Auraria Campus in downtown Denver. Students competed in a series of mathematics, engineering and science related projects including the national MESA USA Prosthetic Arm Competition. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the facilitation of the event and participants of the challenges. To view images of the MESA DAY 2014, presented by Gale Day, feel free to browse through our Flickr account, found here.