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  • Colorado MESA Works

    We have come so far since the inception of MESA in 1980, and our goals remain unchanged - to expand student’s lives and opportunities focused on promoting academic excellence in math, engineering and science. Ultimately we are turning dreams into reality for underrepresented, economically disadvantaged, and at-risk students throughout Colorado to help them successfully graduate high school, be prepared for college, and to pursue careers in STEM

    • 3,647 students enrolled in the program (K-12)
    • 161 participating schools
    • 167 programs in Colorado
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  • Did You Know...

    Today businesses are faced with many new, complex engineering and technical challenges. The bottom line is that Colorado’s 21st Century economy will be based on a highly educated knowledge- based workforce to meet the demand of the business community to successfully thrive. Our economy and business success will be based on the dedication and strength of its greatest asset – human capital.

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  • "With the help of MESA, I have been able to apply both my skills and love for engineering. Although MESA has influenced my high school career, it will have an even greater effect on the rest of my life." Adrian Linan, Grade 12, Wasson High School

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    It is imperative that Colorado leaders and businesses have the vision and commitment to educational programs such as MESA to support the necessary financial resources to build Colorado’s infrastructure to build the pipeline of our educated workforce. We encourage you to get involved and make a difference in building our future labor force.

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Welcome to Colorado MESA

Colorado MESA's mission is to increase the numbers of economically disadvantaged and underrepresented students in colleges of engineering, mathematics and science based fields. The vision for Colorado MESA is grounded in our belief that all children deserve a bright future and that children's expectations and attitudes will grow and expand when teachers, advisors, parents and the community come together to create unique ways of learning and achieving. We envision our country increasing our strong edge in mathematics, engineering, science and technology in an integrated global economy and maintaining our global leadership..

About Us

The MESA program is a premier educational resource & experiential program, serving students grades P-12.

Our Programs

MESA takes pride in successfully providing an academic structure to ensure success for our students

Our Students

80% of students come from gender and ethnic groups underrepresented in STEM

Our Projects

Students work in groups with hands-on, minds-on activities that are designed to help them build math and science skills